If you are someone who longs to be known, understood, and felt beyond what you can name yourself, then you likely long for penetrative presence from whomever you choose to have as your intimate partner. 

Perhaps you have never received the attention, or the experience of being known that you have craved. Perhaps at this point you assume it is too much to ask for, that you should just be able to give that to yourself, or life is too busy to really require that amount of energy placed on you.  

Perhaps you have had those moments of being deeply felt, and are left with fondness, or resentment, as you wonder when they will return. 

It is likely for you, a moment of lost presence hurts your heart, crushes the unfurling tenderness and inspiration to reveal yourself. Rather than a body inhabited by the divine, your walk around as a mere body. 

The instance you see the distracted, dishonoring presence in front of you, rather than presence that feels you and recognizes you beyond yourself: your full being may want to collapse, give up, and turn the other way.

And this is often what we do, we collapse. We collapse and shut down. We do this through staying busy and distracting ourself from our heart’s whispers, moans and sighs. We distract ourselves and collapse through our mind and body. 

We do this enough that we become more habituated to remaining closed, and expecting average, or below average attention.  

The loss here is that not only do you block the life and bliss within yourself to be enjoyed by you and to become your refuge. Your lover also misses the gift of learning the art of consciousness for their own transformation and satiation. 

From your closure, you have closed the entry point for them to be pulled into you, to place their unwavering attention on you.

Your longing for attention in this sense is not the attention of them liking your physical appearance. Yes, they desire the feel of your skin, your scent, your sweat, your voice, the feeling of your form against theirs. 

But if they are a deeper lover, and regardless of who they are, I imagine that is what you want: deep love. In deep love, they are longing for the hidden parts of you that no one else gets.

Your wisdom heart and body. The heat when your breath hits the center of you. The parts of you they will never be able to grasp, but they will keep trying to find through you because this part of you is that attractive. 

As your form body changes and life circumstances change, this is the part of you that continues to allow the erotic to thrive and for connection to develop and increase. You will get better at opening over time and so your relationship will too get more interesting, liberating, being-obliterating, blissful, honest, unified.  

And so to receive this penetrative attention begins with each of us.

Regardless of age, body, relational circumstance, you have this power within you.

The main thing is it takes practice.

We practice from two ends. 

From the part of us that shuts down. There are many reasons we shut down including one being that we are not relating as a sovereign human and are loving from unhealthful co-dependency.

The other end we practice from is for the part that would benefit to learn embodiment and spiritual pathways to open to presence that is this awake and touched into you. 

We will be delving into both of these in the upcoming Practice Group. 

Life is precious and love is the most powerful force on earth. It is always the time to drop back in and honor your life and the love that wants to be felt and known and expressed through you. Of all the tasks to accomplish during the day, this one will satisfy you most. 

Blessed days to you lovers,

May your heart and true self be known more deeply than you could have ever imagined.

May you open yourself beyond fear and mind, to be the overflowing vessel of love.

Join me in the upcoming Practice Group. 

We begin January 11th.

Limited spots available ~