Choose Your Influences

We are each sponges and take in what we see. This is a helpful time to pay attention to who and what we are being influenced by.

One way that we expand our notion of what is possible for us, is by soaking our life in what we desire.

Watch films and listen to music that opens you up, that reflects how you want to feel in yourself, in your partnership, in your life. These pathways are placing you in a hypnotic state so you are literally shifting your consciousness.

Notice who you share company with.

Is anyone in particular limiting your idea of who you can be? If so consider spending less time with them, and more time alone or with people who support your greater expression, or represent it themselves.

Is there anyone who you see yourself in, in most ways you are very similar, yet they have the kind of relationship you want? Spend time with them ~

Also notice people that you may be envious of as this could be a good time to transform that emotion by spending time with them and learning how they live in the ways you yearn for.


Take a scan of all the media you are taking in and only welcome what meets or exceeds the vibration that you want to be living at.

Who inspires you in relationship?

Who is potentially limiting you and supporting a small state?

Write a list of who you would like to spend more time with. Who could help expand your mind and heart?

If you do not know anyone personally, think of people that you have seen who inspire you, including famous people, experts in different fields and so on. You can even write what kinds of people you would like to be around and plant that seed in your consciousness. A few months later you may look back and notice that your personal society has shifted more than you could have imagined.