Being the Invitation for Love


Possible Explorations:

Write up a 2022 felt vision of how you want to experience love whether that is with yourself, with another, with the divine.  Let your open body write this so when you reread it, it awakens your actual felt sense of reality. Keep it at some length that you would actually reread it, as you may want to read it daily. If you are feeling creative you could have some extra fun and make a visual of what you want to call in for 2022. Pinterest is an easy way to create a visual without having to acquire tangible images, for instance if you don’t have magazines laying around.

Take time away from outer influences, such as the news or social media, even 24 hours or a couple of days, to drop further into yourself and your knowing. Notice if you have any influences that discourage your expansive truth, make clearer boundaries with those relationships. It’s a new year, a new time for aligned connection.

Similar to the first meditation in todays class: soften your inner body and senses, and touch in daily with the part of you that goes beyond time. The you that is not impacted by your changing body. From here feel your own breath and skin, meeting yourself in love. Touching your skin from your timeless nature and the love that moves through you. Once you are felt within yourself, invite your desired lover to feel you, imagining them watching you as you feel the love and timelessness moving through you. Then turn your attention to the divine to receive the gift of your epic love. Imagining the divine watching you in your perfection. ~ You can do this daily as a morning practice first thing, or you can allow it to be more integrated into your life, whatever is most realistic for you. Whether that is laying down or sitting in meditation, putting on one song, when you do dishes or when you bathe, or put oil on like in the first meditation. 

Notice when your pussy or chest are contracted in moments you want to invite love and practice releasing tension and opening up your chest. Of course in spaces that are safe and in integrity with yourself.

Blessed exploration to you lovers!


Possible Explorations:

Spend time in connection with your body daily, for 5 – 20 minutes, or longer if inspired so you can meander. 

Offer yourself touch in the form of physical contact with your body, or with your breath in a way that invites pleasure. It could be orgasmic, it could be so subtle.

The most important part is to let the center of you be felt and to let your center lead you. Keep softening and opening. This not goal oriented, other than to be open to your yoni, your navel, your heart, your throat and to let your breath and body relax open.

Do it for you, for your own nourishment and then who knows, you may overflow in it.


As you move through your day, pay attention to habits of daily living that are inhibiting love from flowing through you and being felt. Where you are creating a barrier with your body and breath. 


What gets you excited about love? Movies, music, nature, connection, day dreaming, writing, movement …. Do that more often. Let your life excite you in the realm of love. Let what you do activate your inner body of love. 


To clarify on the term consciousness that was used often in this class. Consciousness here can be felt as a constant, even still, penetrative presence that you can imagine as filling all of space in pure energy or as a human form that you are drawn to. 

You sense consciousness as fully present, aware, peaceful and available to all of you, no matter the flavor or intensity that you bring. They are responsive to you and tuned in and spacious.

They always want more of you, the heart of you, your pure life expression, ever-changing and flowing nature, the love that you are.

Possible Explorations:

Falling and wake with consciousness. Welcome consciousness into your dreamtime. Fall asleep with consciousness and when you wake, bring to your felt sense again being with this aware presence that meets you fully on all levels.

Notice when you are suffering. Use that as your reminder to connect with, soften, and open your body, simply to nourish yourself and let your love have room to flow. 

What is the thing you repeat about yourself in love, in your mind, that you’re ready to give away? What is the statement? Name that statement/thought and choose what you want to replace it with. Commit to the new statement until we meet next.


“I am not lacking anything. It is all here waiting for me.”


*note in this recording there was feedback sound happening during one part. So you will notice wee chunks of that bit have been removed ~ where we were only hearing the sound ~