Chöying Khandro practicing in her 2011 wandering retreat in Mongolia, which we speak about in today’s episode.

Some of what Chöying Khandro shares:
*Sudden loss of her son
*Hearbreak as possibility
*Committing to feeling her son’s death fully
*Fierce vajrayana tonglen as a path of working with grief
*Body awareness practice for emotional healing and health
*Death & the Bodhisattva path
*Absolute truth needed in the world of conflict
*Her teacher Khalkha Jetsun Dampa Rinpoche
*3 Dimensions of Chöd: Outer, inner and sacred
*7 evening wandering retreat
*100 spring 4 month wandering retreat in Mongolia
*Subtle body training to keep sanity
*Working with Coronavirus
*Healing through relationship

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