Some of what Drukmo Gyal shares:

00:00:00 Song Dzomba Yakmo Beautiful Abundance & Introduction

00:01:00 Growing up in a Ngakpa family in Admo Tibet.

00:03:40 Importance of life

00:07:00 Drukmo’s ngakpa grandfather

00:12:00 Slowing down and taking in advice from her grandfather

00:15:00 Most important dharma principles

00:17:00 Tibetan medicine helping come out of religious dogma

00:22:00 Creating community and working with miscommunication

00:26:00 Not needing to have a great relationship with everyone

00:30:00 Feeling discomfort as light

00:30:20 Song: 福泽善报 Full of blessings

00:33:00 Ngakma and Ngakpa lifestyle

00:39:00 Organizing her life

00:41:00 The importance of community acceptance

00:46:00 Drukmo’s beginning in chanting and singing.

00:51:00 Initial conflict in sharing dharma music

00:52:23 Experience sharing her music in Amdo

00:56:00 Vajra mind and having faith in your practice

00:58:00 Shame free sex education with her grandmother

01:01:00 Gifting culture, love, and nomad society

01:05:00 Harmonious divorce and raising a family

01:08:00 Sowa Rigpa, the wisdom of nourishment and 5 Healing Methods

01:10:00 Tibetan spiritual healing

01:15:40 Song: Purification Mantra of the Five Elements


All Songs today are from Drukmo Gyal:

Dzomba Yakmo Beautiful Abundance

福泽善报 Full of blessings

Purification Mantra of the Five Elements



Drukmo Gyal