Heartbreak, Love & Missing

Note: to anyone who has been single and is not experiencing heartbreak, I still recommend that you give time to do the action steps as this will support any unresolved emotion and will nourish your nervous system.

Give yourself permission to take your time and be right where you are.

It is truly wild to move out of a relationship. Wild in the sense that we are left with a completely new environment that we must learn and understand.

Often we just want to get through this time as quickly as possible. Recognize that if you rush through this, you might just perpetuate old patterning and settle for something less than what you truly desire.Be with the heartbreak.

No matter what end we are on, when we separate from someone, our heart experiences the shift. Allow the pain, fear, tenderness, lack of sensation and emotion to be known.

If we can feel in the present, it has room to transform and heal. The longer we tuck our feelings away, the slower we heal. The longer it takes for us to open up to someone else genuinely, and not from our wounding.

There may be waves of anger, sadness, fear , joy, excitement. All of it is welcome. You might think you got through it all and then something else comes up. This is completely natural. Welcome your emotion, without hurting anyone in your own space: yell, cry, sing, journal, feel, roll on the earth, dance.

Just because we love someone doesn’t mean they are the right ones for us. Just because we miss someone doesn’t mean they are for us. This is so hard to understand. We have so much interdependency often with another, it can be hard to separate loving or missing, from them being the one.

If we left a relationship and in our body and heart know it was the right decision, take this time to continue to trust ourself. To trust our wisdom, even if it does not always make sense, even if we feel lost or longing in moments.

If we were broken up with and we miss them, be with our tender hurting heart, trusting that if they didn’t choose us then they are not our one. We do not need to be chasing someone down. We are all worthy of the greatest love.


Find time to yourself. Give yourself a safe quiet space to be with yourself, to unwind and to rest. Have fewer expectations of what you need to accomplish right now. Take care of your nervous system so your level of stress is low and your level of support is greater than usual.

If you need extra support during this time to share you heartbreak, please give yourself this. Whether that means having professional support in addition to this course, which can be nice so you can fully receive, and/or support from friends and family. Make sure whoever is supporting you offers presence and wisdom that is right for you. Remember to share your heart with those who are worthy of holding and honoring your process. 

Listen to the audio meditation below to be guided towards your feelings and towards love. Relax your body, relax your heart and receive wherever you are at. Be gentle.

If you are not in an emotional place or feel you have moved through it, still do this meditation. It is helpful to create room for any feelings that may be under the surface and need space to exist and shift. It is helpful to welcome our emotions in general.


To listen to this meditation, please use headphones through your phone or computer ~

“In the Lakota Sioux tradition, a person who is grieving is considered most wakan, most holy. There’s a sense that when someone is struck by the sudden lightning of loss, he or she stands on the threshold of the spirit world. The prayers of those who grieve are considered especially strong, and it is proper to ask them for their help.

You might recall what it’s like to be with someone who has grieved deeply. The person has no layer of protection, nothing left to defend. The mystery is looking out through that person’s eyes. For the time being, he or she has accepted the reality of loss and has stopped clinging to the past or grasping at the future. In the groundless openness of sorrow, there is a wholeness of presence and a deep natural wisdom.”

– Tara Brach