Image of Lama Justin and Kyabje Pathing Rinpoche about a week before his early death in 2007.

Some of what Justin shares includes:

  • His personal retreat this last year
  • Benefits of Ati Yoga in working with anything arising including helping Justin be available to 13,000 people at the NYC Department of Correction
  • How Justin works with crisis situations
  • Bearing witness to pain and suffering
  • Justin’s main practice with those who are dying
  • His experience with his teachers when they were dying and afterwards
  • The ministry of death, heartbreak and loss
  • Compassion in action and speaking up to injustice as dharma practice
  • Modern mahasiddhas and indigenous western varjayana buddhism
  • Tibetan refugee trauma impacting how teachings are shared
  • Everyday practices to get comfortable with death

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