Some of what Justin shares includes:

  • Transference of Buddhism from Indian to Tibetan and Nepali culture
  • Maitripa as muse
  • Practitioners needing to go deeper
  • Shamatha, vipassana, ati yoga and dzogchen, comparisons
  • Impact of pedagogic systems on meditation styles
  • Realistic notion of what is needed for realization
  • Potential problem caused by lamrim literature
  • One of the first things his teacher told him to do
  • Relaxing around relationship to time
  • Becoming useless
  • Yidam practice
  • Working with afflictive emotions
  • Vajrayana, intimacy and our culture
  • Narcissist crazy wisdom
  • America’s lack of faith.
  • Tantra and the capitalist market place
  • Tantric alchemy and practice being personal
  • Post-meditation guidance


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