Today we meet at Lama Sonam’s retreat place in the Hyolmo region of Nepal.

Some of what Sonam shares includes:

00:01:00 Growing up in Hyolmo and the societal shifts

00:08:00 Sonam’s spiritual upbringing raised with a village Lama

00:10:00 Meeting and studying with a wandering yogi, astrologer and amchi from around the age of ten.

00:18:00 Learning dharma art

00:25:00 Personal experiences with impermanence

00:28:00 Retreat periods, Lama work and what motivated him to build a retreat center

00:37:00 Rebuilding after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal

00:40:00 Sonam shows us the inside and outside of the temple

00:44:00 About the three year retreat space

00:46:00 Building 108 stupas and carving manis

00:48:00 The Guru Rinpoche statue and concluding words his teacher shared on not worrying.