Some of what intimacy teachers Londin and Justin share includes:

0:00 Sexual yoga and sacred intimacy in the context of modern life

8:00 How their intimacy intensifying practice of Alpha and Omega differs from common masculine feminine polarity teachings 

18:00 The power of connecting through the body and what it means to relate with unconditional love. 

23:00 Example of a daily embodiment practice to deepen in unconditional love and intimacy.  

28:00 Qualities of a healthy relationship 

34:00 Training the body and heart to be available to intimacy. 

39:00 Becoming parents and the need to prioritize intimacy to benefit all other aspects of one’s life.

45:00 Pleasure as gateway for deep listening to the divine and allowing there to be a fresh beginning. 

48:00 Justin’s shift out into wanting to be in a committed relationship and his homecoming through that.

53:00 Enjoy sharing your radiance, while knowing you do not need to earn love. Being love and being freedom. Reclaiming the natural forces of duality.





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