Sarah in Tibet at Dralek Monastery in Ganze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, PRC. Here she is reading different editions of Sera Khandro’s collected works and comparing them, as well as scanning parts of them.

Episode highlights:

  • Sarah and Olivia sharing why both this podcast and Sarah’s book are called Love & Liberation
  • Sera Khandro’s autobiography (namtar) as a pathway of correcting our view around dharma, enlightenment and relationship
  • Sera’s transparency on her humanity
  • Motherhood and Vajrayana Buddhism
  • Female body denigration
  • Meaning and purpose of khandromas
  • Consortship
  • 5 attributes for a successful revelation
  • Issues with consortship and sex abuse in Buddhism
  • Chatral Rinpoche about his connection and parallels with Sera Khandro
  • Sarah Jacoby’s experience with Chatral Rinpoche
  • Passage from Sera Khandro on love and liberation.