Our visions are supported when we muster the courage to move towards them, to open in the face of trepidation.

To open to our visions, we must continually grow in self-awareness so we can know what we are actually doing to limit ourselves, so we know what needs freeing.

This takes self-honesty and real self love to choose to walk towards what we rather turn away from in ourselves.

It requires risk.

Below are examples of how we might not be honest in our life, where we may be saying we want one thing, yet our behavior says something different.

I recommend reading these and noticing how your body responds.

  • Does it cringe or tighten?
  • Does your throat feel thick or does your breath become shallow?
  • Do you feel numbness?
  • Do you feel heat or defensiveness?

1. We say we want to move forward in life, in whatever situation, yet we refuse to challenge our self enough to make change.

We keep waiting for someone or something out there to make our life change. Or we simply wait. We say we are too busy. That we can’t do it now. We feel the depression, stagnation, not rightness growing in our being, yet we keep waiting, hoping, avoiding.

When an obstacle comes up, we let that be another reason we haven’t made a move. Instead of making small adjustments, or taking a big leap to do whatever we can to create change, we stay in what does not work.

2. We speak falsely in relationship.

We say one thing, when we mean another.

We say we want to be with someone, when we know we are not a full yes and they are hanging on, hoping we show up.

We say we can’t do better in the relationship, that this is who we are, yet there is more under this that we have not looked at.

We say we don’t need anyone, when we deeply yearn for someone, yet are afraid to expose our heart to rejection, we are too afraid to look at our history and feel. We are afraid to appear weak. We are afraid of love.

We say what will please someone, out of fear of them putting us out of their hearts, but we are not speaking from a place of authenticity. 

3. We don’t say anything at all because then we can’t go wrong.

When our boundaries are overstepped, instead of learning how to speak up, we grow a silent well of resentment in our body. Perhaps outwardly we appear gentle and easy, fine and put together, yet inside we have a fire burning of anger and maybe some sense of self-hatred.

We have so much to share, but fear if we share we will be judged in a way that isn’t what we want. If we speak we may fail in some way. We may create chaos or conflict rather than the peace that we have been told and believe is right and good.

We rather avoid, then learn how to communicate, and to let out what wants to be known. We rather live in control, rather than as ourself.

4. We want love, but are too afraid to claim this truth.

When the person we love or ache for, sits with us, we are too timid to see their eyes seeing us and to feel our own tenderness, so we look away, stay busy, avoiding them.

We do this in long-term relationships or when we are with someone we are interested.

We wonder why they turn away from us, not giving us the love we desire. We think we will never have the love we want. We feel this underlying experience of unworthiness and loneliness.

We say we want love, but we keep ourself far from it.

To honor ourselves and to receive the life we long for, honesty is essential, as well as to keep turning towards ourself to understand what is actually going on and what is it that we actually feel aligned with in the current moment.

This is a kindness that will keep us living in integrity and expansion, in all directions.

We each have methods that have helped us survive, so this is all natural, and now it’s time to thrive!

We will be exploring the ways you distance yourself from what you deeply want in the upcoming Unbound Bliss Immersion.

It would be a great joy to support you in shifting out of the ways you do not allow yourself to receive the life and love you long for and are made for.

This impacts your entire life’s unfolding: How you feel, how your give and receive love, how you perceive, how you co-create, how you work, how you parent, how you serve, how you relate, how you experience your body and the world, how you move through the twists and turns of your unique journey.

Please reach out if you have any questions. If group work does not feel right for you and you rather private work, we can explore this in Sessions and Mentorship

Love to Everyone, Olivia


Sometimes, by David Whyte

if you move carefully
through the forest,
like the ones
in the old stories,
who could cross
a shimmering bed of leaves
without a sound,
you come to a place
whose only task
is to trouble you
with tiny
but frightening requests,
conceived out of nowhere
but in this place
beginning to lead everywhere.
Requests to stop what
you are doing right now,
to stop what you
are becoming
while you do it,
that can make
or unmake
a life,
that have patiently
waited for you,
that have no right
to go away.