00:03:00 True self and imposture syndrome

00:09:00 On misperception and ignorance

00:14:00 Ego, loss and instability

00:18:00 On the two parts of us during grief

00:20:00 Nature as guru

00:23:00 Influences on our relationship with nature

00:28:00 Tantra and inner and outer universes

00:31:00 Neither this, nor that

00:35:00 A major crossroads for Tracee

00:43:00 Ancestors and benevolent beings have your back

00:48:00 Timeline practice

00:50:00 Tracee’s personal practice day



Tracee Stanley

Tracee’s new book: The Luminous Self

Our Previous Episode Together: Yoga Nidra, Non-Doing & Life Transitions as Practice


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