If we choose to be in relationship, intimate or friendship or collaborative, even in a fleeting exchange, we want to be brought somewhere we can’t bring our selves.

This possibility of relationship is the most nourishing. To access sensations, creativity and realization we have longed for but couldn’t taste through our journey alone.

We reach territory that we have felt in our being through memory or a faint knowing. Yet through awake connection the faintness is transformed, flowing through and enlivening what was dormant, remembering our wholeness and boundlessness viscerally in its many forms.

There can be a freedom, a kindness, a clarity, a bliss of who we are, a coming home that arises, as we explore the ripples of two hearts minds beings interfacing as the barriers fall away and we see, feel, notice into the only moment emerging.

This is what we want from our relationships and this is what we can offer too.

When we live in the center of our life, rather than in the past or future, rather than in a fixed notion of what is and what should be, then we can offer our evolutionary presence to another.

Then inspiration flows naturally and we welcome relationships founded on this force of truth, life and invitation.

This is the continual tension. The habit mind, body searching for stability in the known, while your wisdom vital body, longing for union with the arising present.

This is the practice. 

Noticing when we are searching for what we know in another, what we can name and hold, rather than when we are responding from freshness.

How interested can you be in how another is touching you right now?

How committed can you be to the unknown disrobing of another?

How willing are you to let the alchemy of you and another, amaze you and impact you?