Say you want something, or someone, or an experience, are you choosing it through your thoughts and behavior?

& Do you know what you are choosing?

It can be helpful to name what you are choosing. To put a flag in the earth and claim the choice, so you know what to direct your activity towards and you can see where you are veering off.

You can be a bit vague in naming what you are choosing, where you want to also allow a greater and more aligned option to enter. Yet you have some idea of what you want. You can feel it in you, even if you may not necessarily be able to name it perfectly.


What may happen if you do not actively proclaim your choices:

… You think that everything that has happened has been your choice. Yet really things happened and you weren’t an active part of their becoming. Some of it felt nourishing for you and right, some of it was not. Yet you felt that you must have chose it all because you were a part of the situation. Yet you didn’t consciously choose it. You took what came you way. 

… You think that everything that happened was what you wanted, but it was really what everyone else wanted. You were jiving with their vibe, jiving with the path of others, you let your energy and truth get lost in the current of another’s life, including the general societal trajectory. 

… You wait, and wait. Hoping it happens. Hoping things change. Or you just assume there is no possibility of another outcome. You are far from the center of aliveness, the source of your power and live in this luke warm murky place.

… You don’t even know what you want, even though you think you do. You keep assuming in a future moment you will have more time and more clarity and then you will give the time to ponder what it is you want. 

So, what is it you are choosing?

Finger through the areas of your life that are important to you and the areas that feel lacking or longing. What do you want? 

Notice when you are afraid to even say it, then make sure then you write it down and that you say it out loud. Be as specific in your choices as you feel moved. And once again do not worry to if you are not exactly sure, but have a general idea of what you want to choose.

Feel what it feels like to let your statements of choice seep into your body, heart. See what it is like to make steps to live your choices.  

We are each a part of the future becoming.