Welcome to ‘The Inbetween’

This gathering of practices and contemplations are here to help you journey through this time genuinely. To have time to heal the past and learn what you can from it. To bring your heart and mind from the place of post break-up or being single, to opening up and being clear about your future partnership.

Break-ups and the inbetween are opportunities to create what we desire. The open space in our hearts and life, is breaking down old ways and creating room for new life and love. We have the perfect opportunity to learn exactly what we need to know. Use this time well. It is GOLD.

For each person our process will be different, so take as long as you’d like on each section. I also recommend not rushing through. Take at least a week on each part.

Have a journal devoted to this process and a pair of headphones for the meditations.

I am grateful to have you here. I am grateful for your courage, commitment and openness to lean in.

Love, Olivia