In todays’s episode Khandro shares about:

  • Cultivating and training in relative siddhis to benefit others
  • Enacting the four activities
  • Signs and Tests for siddhis
  • Story with Garchen Rinpoche
  • Activities for subduing warfare and suffering
  • Dudjom Rinpoche, the coldwar and a ten year Vajrakilaya retreat
  • If not working, do it more!
  • Prosperity rituals
  • Landscape effecting practice and realization
  • Khandro’s first retreat in Nepal
  • Phenomena and blessings of tukdam
  • On method and wisdom, masculine and feminine
  • Being tested by her teacher
  • Choosing to no longer be a nun and to marry Lama Dawa
  • Dealing with gossip on her choices
  • Samaya and lineage protection
  • Having a polyamorous marriage
  • Becoming a prophesied activity consort



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