To let go at the proper time can allow for something more aligned to arrive. It can offer a restart to a dynamic or a completely new relationship to arrive.

How you let go will depend on the particular relationship and your particular moment in life, meaning what is it you are meant to practice for your evolution …

Is it saying less, or saying more? Learning your No? Learning to own the dissolution, rather than being easy and taking what you get or avoiding the official conversation?

What is your particular medicine right now to support your expansion?

How can you let go in love?

Some reflections that may support your process:

Give yourself time, free of comparison. 

Let yourself go through the waves of experience. The grief, the freedom, the dreaminess of a new possibility, the back and forth between relief and fear, tenderness and fearlessness. Welcome it all.

Feel however you feel in a safe way, meaning not actively against anyone that would create harm. If you don’t allow yourself to feel it, not just speak it, it will bury itself in you, and act out in all kinds of ways.

Feel and do your thing, free of comparison.

Go deep on self-nourishment.

Do all the things that help you be truly nourished, reconnecting to your body and your spiritual nature. Eat well, dance, sweat, take in wind, sun, self-pleasure, the right support.

Letting go of relationships can be very deep work and can activate old fears and pains, so this can be an ideal time to go all out in placing your attention consciously towards processing and amplifying your well-being.

This may also  be the perfect time to no longer wait in your life for some future time to begin that new habit, or project. Or you may just need to keep it simple, and take one day at a time. 

Close the door, or keep the doorway open to a better version.

Depending on the relationship sometimes you need to close it firmly.

Other relationships you need to close the door to how it is, but be open to it coming back in, in a better way, more true, loving.

You don’t need to decide what is next, if that feels unclear or overwhelming, but know for yourself what you need now and honor that.

Welcome the wisdom of the relationship.

What patterns is it revealing that you play a part in? Patterns that show a part of you that could use more understanding and transformation.

You can find these most easily by seeing what really did not work, and what brings you reactivity when you reflect on the relationship? What thoughts keep showing up in your mind when you think about them or talk about them? 

This piece is so important. Do Your Work. Actually get into the fire of your pattern. Get support. If you have had this pattern for a long time, do anything you can to meet it from different angles to not sweep it into the corner. This way you can welcome in a relationship that does not reflect this unresolved pattern and so you can have peace.

Everyone becomes a part of your next becoming. 

Regardless of a relationship ending, we are all interconnected. You can let go of anyone but ultimately you are letting go of an aspect of yourself that is no longer working and hopefully choosing something more empowered, compassionate and reverent. 

And when you are ready, you can see that person as part of your becoming. They were integral in you inviting a more genuine version of you. 

No need to rush this piece. You will know when you are ready for it.

Bless yourself, Bless them.

There are gifts that have been given to you through this dynamic. 

When you are ready, speak the blessings when you tell the story of what has happened, otherwise energies of resentment can drain you of love force. (This is not to say that if you were abused or mistreated that was a blessings, yet know what you learned from that experience.)

To let go of a relationship cleanly, offer your blessings to them. Accept them fully for where they are at in their life path, and blessing their best outcome in this lifetime for their unique path coming to be.


May the letting go, let in greater love, joy and truth into your heart and life and into our world ~