I am sorry if I have created any pain, heartbreak or suffering for you.
Please forgive me.
I am sorry if I haven’t heard you at times, or understood you.
I am sorry if I haven’t celebrated the fullness of you and in turn you didn’t feel seen for all that you are.
I am sorry if I was righteous or unkind. You deserve to share presence with an open heart, mind.
I am sorry if my own human journey and own confusions were startling for you or upsetting.
I am sorry if me not being available in the ways you needed felt like abandonment for you.
Please forgive me. 

I forgive myself for any of the guilt I have carried for not being perfect at this whole life thing.
I recognize now that I am a human being: trying, failing, trying again and remembering how to be my most authentic expression.
I forgive myself as I realize I am learning how to do this without many examples.
I forgive myself for any judgment or belittlement I have laid on myself, thinking I should be something other.
I forgive myself for disregarding my truth in the past for other people or situations.
I forgive myself for following my mind rather than my hearts knowing.
I recognize now that the path is innately wild, risky and unpredictable, and I do not need to carry the burden of reality.
I recognize now that I can only commit to loving myself as I am and expressing what is genuine for me in the present.
I let go of the guilt and fill myself with gratitude for all that I have learned and step into the future full of gentleness and compassion towards myself and this journey.

I celebrate our courage for being here and exposing our hearts.
I celebrate that we wake up each day and try again to be honest, caring people.
I celebrate that we choose to grow beyond what is familiar and comfortable.
I celebrate us because we exist and there is no other reason needed to value our worth
I celebrate us because this is Love.