Our true nature is the nature of no birth and no death. We do not have to go anywhere in order to touch our true nature. The wave does not have to look for water because she is water. We do not have to look for God, we do not have to look for our ultimate dimension or nirvana, because we are nirvana, we are God.  

– Thich Nhat Hanh

As humans, what we hold most dear to us is this body and so many spiritual practices focus on this relationship, the attachment we have to our physical form being a certain way and it being ours, a solid form separate from every body else.

As many of us have experienced, the longer we stay attached to our outer appearance and embodiment, the larger our struggle is.

Our body is our greatest unavoidable teacher, offering us a lifetime to see beyond our physical form to our true nature.

Our changing body reminds us to find our eternal state, to connect with divine consciousness, the place beyond birth or death.

Each time we look in the mirror and we see something that our mind rather not see, or see something we want to never change. Each time we move and feel the aches or sickness in our body. We can use these experiences as an invitation to love what is in this very moment and to open up to being interested in who we really are.

We can rest in quiet and investigate what about us lives beyond us.

What will pass on with our skin and bones and what will continue.

We suffer trying to look youthful, have youthful qualities or to be some body else. As we push against our natural evolution, we push against who we are, rather than using this precious time to know who we are.

All of our bodies will pass on. All that will be left is consciousness. We cannot know when and it is unwise to assume that our age will determine our bodies death.

If we continue to wake up to this reality, our entire perspective of life will change. We will love more truly, including ourselves. We will use our energy in ways that are meaningful and the minutia will dissolve.

I am not saying this is easy. This is our mission in this lifetime.

Everyone has true beauty, we only need to connect with it.

To connect with it, we have to tend to our mind, to clean the mirror of confusion.

Then we won’t be running unknowingly afraid of our death.

We are all aging. Our inner peace and wisdom grows in allowing friendship with reality. In turn, this peace and wisdom radiates out to all beings.

We will all come to realize we are more than what can be seen.

We are a well of eternal beauty.

This consciousness the same as yours,

is free and luminous

singing the song of the universe

waiting to be recognized

Let’s do this together.

Let’s support each other in realizing our true home.