Oceana Sawyer is an End of Life Doula, writes and speaks on the liminal space of active dying and grief.

Note: Oceana explores some unconventional perspectives in this episode, which come from mid-stream in longer conversations in which she is embedded. They presume an understanding that on the level of social reality, horrific atrocities have been committed against large and specific groups of people and more-than-human beings that cannot be underestimated in terms of their ongoing impact and must be acknowledged and held with the respect and consideration they deserve. Her comments are not intended to diminish or bypass the impact of historic, intergenerational, persistent, and personal trauma. She honors the deep work many are doing to recover and repair such trauma and grief. Her comments are an offering of her emergent viewpoints which are always open for debate and evolution.

Some of what Oceana shares includes:

  • Meaning of pleasure
  • Why pleasure is important in a dying process
  • Responsible hedonism
  • Pleasure for caregivers
  • Removing binary of living and dying
  • What to do in a grief spiral
  • Universal rightness versus Moral rightness
  • The longer arc of your life
  • Diamond like quality of humanity and aliveness through horrific circumstance including the middle passage.
  • Navigating destruction in the fractal generative existence
  • The significance of our self-reflective nature
  • This isn’t the time for unity and what this time is for
  • Expansive impact of two spirited trans community
  • Owning your center and recognizing other centers.
  • Why its important to practice pleasure to make the most of your dying process.
  • The conversation in the sacred portal at the end of life
  • Living more fully
  • Finding places that fit you rather than fitting in.


Oceana: https://www.oceanaendoflifedoula.com

Podcast/Olivia: https://oliviaclementine.com/podcasts

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