Be an invitation for an aligned life

and a satisfying experience of love

I work with individuals, couples and groups with a focus on relationship. Relationship with oneself, one’s spiritual nature and intimate relationship. Offering practical tools and pathways that enable you to have greater relational fluency, well-being and freedom.

When these three areas of relationship are nurtured and cultivated, we can have deep and meaningful connections, know and share our unique genius, and compassionately and wisely engage with the ever-changing landscape of aliveness. 

Let’s support your expansion:


A deeper dive for individuals or couples. Meet every other week and receive suggested explorations and support in-between.


Engage in classes, retreats, and workshops to grow and refine your relational life in a group setting online and in-person.


Conversations on relationship, ecology and spirituality and pathways to becoming more connected and fulfilled.

“I have been in and out of therapy for over 10 years. I was lucky to always have wonderful therapists who helped me a lot, but I still found there were some lingering emotional issues and blocks that I simply could not shake. I contacted Olivia kind of out of desperation. Her 4-month mentorship was a break through. I saw the ways I was sabotaging myself and was able to bring attention to my issues compassionately and therefore release them. Olivia’s coaching is proactive, inspiring and thought and feeling provoking. I’m so grateful to Olivia and recommend her highly to anyone who wants to better understand themselves, to heal and move forward in their lives with clarity and kindness.”


“Olivia has such a power to evoke something so deep in me with the simplicity of a few words, and the openness of her curiosity and presence, and what feels like love for relational aliveness. Her words stay with me for years like little precious keys, opening portals into silent inquiries that crack my heart open. Olivia transmits something that is so grounding and straightforward, yet so poetic and expansive all at once.”


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