“I want to know if you know, how to melt into that fierce heat of living, falling toward, to the center of your longing.”
― David Whyte

We can see our longing to be the issue. Yet longing is not in its nature an issue, it is actually a power place in each of us. The heat of longing is alchemizing. It can awaken and be a transformative tool for truth and devotion. The question is how we go about longing.

Where does your longing source from?

Here is a situation I often see:

An individual longs for their lover (partner, spouse …) to notice them, find them attractive and want to spend time with them. Instead of allowing the energy of longing coursing through their body to invite their lover in, it becomes a threat, a space of confinement, a repellant.

The longing can become a need for the individual to have their lover fill them, to heal them, to help them. If the longing is not met, the individual might shut down and numb out in various ways, which has an effect on the individual’s experience of energy, life and love and certainly impacts the relationship.

This is very different than the pure energy of longing being expressed

Longing in its pure energy is magnetic. Experienced without grasping, with an open heart, longing is charged, delectable nourishment.

Longing, when opened to, can demand the wakefulness of your lover and give you a pathway to connect beyond your limited sense of self to your divine and true embodiment.

Longing keeps you sensitive to the form and formless aspects of meaning and satisfaction. When you are separate from completion, from what the depth of you knows is possible, you long …

Go to the roots of your longing, to find what it is that you truly want, and you do not need the words for it always. To know it in your felt body, so you can expressing your longing through you, to be felt by another.

If you find yourself needy and lacking, looking for another to confirm you worthiness or lovability, then it is the perfect moment to turn towards yourself and find out how to give yourself what you need, and to seek support if you are not sure how to go about this.

Then from there you can long in way that frees and inspires another. Then you can call in what you ache for that is beyond what you can give yourself.

And know that you will likely always long, as this keeps you wed to the force of co-creation, to devotion, to what it is that matters to you most in this incarnations of yours that is beyond the mundane.

Channel this energy in everything you do and are, to be a lover of what and who animates and arouses you. Let this longing soak the world in the spark of pre-conception, to help us all feel the depth, possibility and expanse of being here. To keep us suspended, sparkling.