Outwardly I was having a mundane conversation, while I was discreetly in conversation with sensations of arousal …

This appetite,
licking these lips,
feeling their soft welcome.
Biting lower lip
then upper.
Taking in breath over the tongue,
as lips coming together,
rolling them over each other.
Hands traveling covertly over
distant collarbone to wrist,
lightly skimming nipples.
Palm over palm
slow as the movement of earth’s plates
Moving fingers and tips
inner thigh
jaw bone
Dew begins to drop …

Arousal helps you lose yourself to the moment, to descend out of the mind into the body and heart space.  If fully in the experience of arousal you know unity. You can experience arousal through out every day life eventually leading to lakes and peaks of pleasure.

From a psychological stand point, arousal is equal to when you are in a flow state where your ego looses it’s grip and you perform and feel your best. Studies recently done on post-orgasm have found this state to be a replacement for sleep and depression medication. The benefits of arousal and orgasm are tremendous for your well being.

What does it mean to be turned on?

You are a conduit for life.
What appears, what is dynamic, is seen and felt through you.

When you try to grasp this experience, the flame dies. To be turned on, you stoke your inner fire, open your body and perception, live as the waves of existence or witnessing existence. Your heart becomes naturally more inviting to a widening sphere.

What turns you on?

You learn for yourself. Gently to fiercely finding the plains and crevices inside and on your body that touch you, who whisper curiosities that encourage you to look further, to stay longer, that unveil another layer of separation between who you thought we were, to who you actually are.

You can use all the ordinary moments, which tend to make up most of your life, to activate your life force, to hold more sensation. To notice the parts of your inner wealth and mystery that give you elation and open a door to a part of you that leads to universal love. (There may be parts of you when touched that cause you to flinch and shut down. Give those parts time. You may have shut your senses down over time often out of self-protection. To open back up can be a journey.)

If you practice to be in your body throughout the day, feeling aroused by the throb, tickles, temperatures of aliveness and its flavors throughout time, you can touch into boundless embodiment. This place where you lose your small self and fall into consciousness.

Begin by paying attention to anything you are doing.

For example, feeling your body, hands touching your soft wrists as you roll the sleeves up on the cardigan, top eyelashes gracing bottom. Perhaps where the neck meets the shoulders, or around the ankle bone. Hands in warm soapy dish water. One leg resting on the other. Toes brushing each other, and the woolen sock they are held in. Anything you do can awaken you into union with yourself, another, existence. 

When you are intimate, you water the source of life.  No one owns it, but you can learn to feel it, live it, and share it. If you are present with sensations, your mind is present and naturally you are more blissful and radiant, carefree, warm hearted and awake.