Some of what Sri Dharma Mittra shares includes:

  • What brought Dharma Mittra to yoga
  • Meeting his guru
  • Finding answers
  • Renunciation and being a full time yogi
  • The place of purification based on one’s conditions
  • Highest of all knowledge
  • Who God is
  • Meaning of self-realization
  • Minimum amount of time to devote to practice
  • Asanas he recommends
  • Nauli Kriya
  • Practice for clearing out the colon and inhibiting disease
  • Methods for easeful lotus posture
  • Supportive body if have a sedentary lifestyle
  • What to do if in pain, sick or dying
  • Laws of karma.
  • Meditation for self-realization
  • Meditation based on if devotional or intellectual
  • Guided Meditation


Sri Dharma Mittra:

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