Some of what Tenzin shares includes:

  • His Tibetan nomad heritage
  • Becoming a refugee and orphan in the Tibetan Children’s Village School in India
  • Karmic imprint of hearing
  • His father’s passing
  • Nomadic Tibetan folk music, formless and form and metaphor
  • Thin line of contemporary and traditional music
  • Song maintaining the essence of tsampa
  • Death essential part of his practice
  • Advice from Namkai Norbu to relate to the passing of his parents
  • Passage from “Liberation through Hearing”
  • Translating helping his dharma understanding.
  • Interweaving of music and practice
  • Celebrating oneself and emotion
  • Making his new album Yeshi Dolma
  • The invitation of not knowing
  • Chinese occupation of Tibet
  • Dalai Lama and the Middle Path
  • Jataka story about a bodhissatva parrot

Music in today’s episode from Tenzin Choegyal’s recent album Yeshi Dolma. Songs included: Heart Strings & Snow Lion


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