Some of what Zenju Earthly shares includes:

  • Nakedness and the beginning of zen practice. 
  • On not promoting anything or ‘how to’ …
  • Trusting in oneself and dealing with ones chaos
  • Witches, magic, spells and chanting
  • Going deep with simple offerings
  • On ancestors and acknowledging past.
  • Oppression from a spiritual perspective
  • Her awakening on the relative as the gateway to the absolute.
  • To be a seer and clairsentience
  • Ritual and Ceremony as a way to see and transform
  • How her experience of suffering has changed
  • The miracle and journey of being able to express herself
  • Trauma, wounds and interconnection
  • Dream practice, prophesy and her future book
  • Dharani mantras
  • Stillness and silence in the midst
  • Pathways that support focus and create vastness



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