Once we have gone through a big change there is a gap. Often we will want to fill it with anything, even the same old stuff that did not work before. We will do whatever we can to not be with that open space. Another term for this open space would be uncertainty.

We want to get comfortable in the gap, in the unknown. Genuine relationships are always changing, always encountering this place where we do not know. We can either choose growth and life, or false comfort and stagnancy.

Uncertainty also gives us the opportunity to connect with our inner lover rather than seeking out there. When we speak of the inner lover, we mean that places within that is ungraspable. If we can rest there, we feel the Great Love that is ever present whether we are in partnership or not.

The more we can learn to be with the unknown and get comfortable we will take our time in meeting the next person. We will not settle, especially as we have already connected with our inner lover.

The more we can learn to rest in the unknown, we will find comfort being who we are, not waiting for someone else to fill us. Our heart will feel true peace in our being.

We can use this time to let go of what we thought would happen at this point in our life, and instead live in what is happening. This is a huge wisdom move.

Each time we live in what is happening we become more free and this way of relating to our life starts to feel natural.


Journal about where you find yourself trying to fill this gap or what you have done in the past to fill it. Explore what you are afraid of happening if you don’t find someone right away. It is helpful to understand what fears are leading our life.

Pay attention to your body this week. Notice when you tense up. Try to breath in and out of your whole body while relaxing. This will connect you to the well of Love that you are.


Listen to the audio meditation daily or as often as needed. Use headphones for the full impact of the meditation. The mantra: so hum