Now it is time to bring what you truly want in!

Make a list of how you would like to feel in your future relationship:
On paper with a pen
Who does your heart and body want to be with?
Let you description be visceral, and juicey so you can literally feel the relationship when you read it and you want to reread this because it is so yummy.
What are your sensory experiences of being together?
Write it in the present tense: I am, we are, they are …
Also do not put a specific person.

Once you write this you can always make edits in the future. I recommend now trimming it down if it is very long to the most essential aspects. You want it to be short enough that you can read it often. You can keep this by your bedside and read it when you go to sleep or when you arise to inspire you, or read during moments when you need a pick me up.

It is also important to have the vision and let it go each time you reflect on it. Being fixated on this vision happening in a very specific way, at a very specific time, will create struggle in your heart and body. There may be a greater vision for you in addition to what you have written, so remain open to what you do not know. We want to live the life that is happening now, letting go allows our present life to have room to be appreciated, felt. Each time you read your vision, then let it go, not holding on tightly to it afraid it will not happen.