Expansion Meditation

You have done a lot of work up until now. All that you have brought to the surface will continue to support meeting the most true future partnership, and most importantly the most true life for you.

Now that you have written your Vision, recognize that every relationship is a mirror for us to see what we do not value in ourselves. This is one reason we have not had our desires met in the past. We have not valued ourselves in the areas we have not been met.

And this is totally fine. We are evolving at just the right pace individually. Be wary of comparing where we are at to others. We each have a unique path to journey.

Tied into this, often we say we want something but we have ideas stored in our subconscious that say it is not possible for us. These beliefs can be very subtle or obvious.

From the years 0-7, often until our early teen years, our subconscoiues mind was as blank tape with the record button pressed continuously, free of a pause button, free of discernment. During that time our subconscious took in everything as truth.

Our subconsious is our default mind, it is how we function without needing to rethink every little thing in our everday life. Anything we saw in our social scape during those early years became the subconscious field that we source from today when understanding how to be in relationship and what is possible for us.

If we do not investigate and alter that field we are at the mercy of whatever we took in during our formative years as our reality.

To alter that subconscious field in this meditation, to allow yourself to reprogram your belief system, you will be going into a theta brain state. Shifting limiting beliefs and memories in your subconscious to allow for your present expanded state to lead your life. You will be healing wounding that has lowered your self-worth so you can start to see your brilliance, your beauty, your fullness. You will also be dreaming your relationship into being.


This is a Two Part Meditation:

Part I: Giving yourself what you need

Part II: Dreaming, feeling your future partnership

Giving yourself what you need meaning anything you need. It may not make logical sense. You may need an object, or words spoken. Whatever it is, you are offering yourself whatever you have come to see as lacking. You are refilling your self-worth, your trust in the world, your trust in others, you are giving yourself safety when you are afraid, celebrating you when you were made fun of or put down. You are returning yourself to your innate wholeness.

The dreaming part of the meditation is to allow your imagination to wander and to feel what you would like in your future partnership. Feel how you are in it. Feel what your partner is like. See what visions and experiences arise when you allow your body and mind to wander. Also notice if any new limiting beliefs arise that you can bring to a future session to free up.

Further elaboration on the first part of the meditation (giving yourself what you need):

Choose whichever path is accurate for you in the moment.

There are two ways to do this meditation:

Option One: See what arises during the meditation

Option Two: Choose something before that you know needs to be fulfilled, shifted, loved up.

Option One:
If inspired you can read your vision or simply get comfortable, cover your eyes and listen to the audio meditation.

Completely relax and see what arises as you allow memories and ideas to surface. Pay attention as everything is helpful in understanding where your subconscious beliefs might be limiting you in knowing your real worth.

If memories of past circumstances surface, see what wisdom they are offering you. See if they need to be adjusted to your present life. Often we are still living from a memory from long ago without realizing it, even if it is no longer our current experience.

Focus on the one memory, fear, thought, emotion, sensation and if more trickle in you can follow them and meet them if you have the attention.

For each memory that presents a limiting experience (something that you do not want to believe anymore is true) offer yourself what you need in that moment.

For example, if a memory arises with your parents where they told you this one time you were not attractive, intelligent, capable or worthy in some way, give yourself the response that you actually needed to hear.

If a past partner said something and you felt under appreciated, or you didn’t have the courage to speak up at that point, shift the memory so you no longer carry that memory along.

If you are reminded of all the stress and tension that was at home growing up, perhaps you felt you had to be the cheerful one to balance out the stress, to take care of your parents. Imagine everyone in your home welcoming you, supporting you, full of ease and joy. Saying whatever you needed to feel valued, seen, appreciated.

Through this meditation you are able to access your subconscious programming so you can heal those old memories which have created wounds in your current life and no longer be a servant to them. These memories are keeping you small and even if your conscious mind knows what you want your subconscious is still leading the show.


Relational revelations may also continue to arise in your dreamscape so when you awake in the morning pay attention to what you dreamt about. Keep your journal by your bed. Old memories, people, situations might come into your consciousness out of the blue. You can also do the meditation as you fall asleep, but make sure you also do this when you are awake during the day.

A more lengthy example:

I had a dream, out of nowhere about a boyfriend from when I was much younger. I hadn’t thought about him in forever. When I woke up I thought to myself how funny that was. Then after a week or so it dawned on me that a big wound had been created after dating him that I never acknowledged that was affecting my current partnerships.

He completely met what I wanted at the time. I couldn’t even believe he wanted to date me (this is a limited belief to explore) He asked me out and he was so into me and who I really was. I was so afraid to lose this amazing person. So out of fear I stopped being myself and started to be very fear centric, afraid he wouldn’t like me if I really was me (which is why he was attracted to me in the first place so another belief to explore)

I needed to give myself what I needed: To have compassion for myself. I was so young. I was doing my best. I hadn’t been in many relationships before. I was scared. It’s okay.

I needed him to give me what I needed: To tell me he loved me for who I was. That he encourages me to show up exactly as I am with future partners. That he understood why I reacted the way I did and I should not feel any shame.


LISTEN: Audio Meditation

I recommend listening to this meditation for months, and realistically whenever you can. From daily in the first two weeks to weekly. Keep clearing, healing and consciously filling your subconscious field.

Use headphones so you can receive the subtle music waves that help bring you into a theta state to access your subconscious programming.